Edolon Vryche


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~15 Repitonian Solar Sweeps

Gender Identity

Male (He/Him)



Typing Style

He speaks with proper grammar and syntax. He tends to speak in short and concise clauses. He also makes frequent use of the ':)' emoticon.


Edolon Vryche is a secondary troll and an antagonist in Vast Error.

He is a member of Weird Al's mysterious apocalyptic laughter cult that forces and brainwashes people into being happy. He regularly tries to coerce Serpaz into joining it. His associated alchemic sigil is purification.


Edolon's name likely comes from the word eidolon, meaning either "a representation of an ideal form", a ghost, or an elusive entity, all of which fit Edolon's character and motif to some degree.


Personality and Traits

Edolon is as mysterious as he is creepy. From what little is known of him, Edolon seems to behave like a religious fanatic and is in constant pursuit of new members. He knows how to get under people's skins, and isn't afraid to prey on their insecurities under the guise of concern or innocent questions.


Serpaz Helilo

Serpaz considers Edolon to be a nuisance and a creep, largely due to her distaste for the cult he follows on the account of how their vastly differing ideals on how to bring about laughter (Serpaz claims that they make liberal use of brainwashing to make people laugh). She finds his constant invitations to join his cult to be greatly annoying, and wishes that he leave her alone.


  • Edolon's blood is described as being Aubergine colored.
  • The cult mascot used in Edolon's supposed Skorpe theme is a reference to Weird Al Yankovic's character on Wander Over Yonder, Dr. Screwball Jones. Both the cult and Weird Al's character attempt to make others laugh through coercion and force, rather than through genuine means. Dr. Screwball Jones is used as the symbol of the cult, and a link to his song 'Let The Pun Fit The Crime' is left in the narration.
  • Troll Hulk Hogan is a known benefactor in Edolon's cult.
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